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Unlike others our

Free consultation includes a detailed budget and design concepts.

Design & Purchasing

We provide a full scope of design options to meet your tenants needs.Take advantage of our relationship with vendors. We pass on 100% of our savings.

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Our scheduling and coordination of construction yields absolute minimal interruption to the daily routine of your building and its occupants.

"Restoring the beauty of your property, renewing the vitality and value of your investment." 

Projects and Details

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The Landmark

300 East 59th Street

The York Gate

405 East 63rd Street


Gramercy Park Habitat

205 East 22nd Street


The Mayflower

245 East 87th Street


45 Park Ave

Grand Hyatt Hotel


Park Central Hotel


The Manhattan Club

Berkshire Place Hotel


Roosevelt Hotel

75 wall street

The Avery

100 Riverside Boulevard

12 East 88th Street

515 East 72nd Street

132 east 76th street

arris Loft

2728 Thomson Ave

Long Island City

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